French Bulldog New Top Dog

The French Bulldog is expected to be named as the most popular dog breed in the UK by 2018. It is set to pip the Labrador retriever, which has topped the list for the last 27 years.

French Bulldog numbers have shot up in the last decade

According to figures released by Kennel Club, Bulldog registration numbers have increased by 47% in the last year. There were just 670 French Bulldogs registered in Britain ten years ago, compared to over 21,000 today.

Their resurgence is widely attributed to be down to celebrity interest in the canine and their portrayal on social media. Famous names such as David Beckham and Lady Gaga are owners of the dog. There are fears among dog charities that the rise could be more of a fashion statement, rather than a lifestyle choice.

The French Bulldog is about to claim second place from the cocker spaniel within the next few months. The Yorkshire Terrier was the last different breed at the top, but that was back in 1989. The Terrier is now outside of the top 10.


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