Is Your Dog Smarter Than a Toddler?

Dogs are as smart as toddlers says a recent study.

The results are in and although chimpanzees were once thought to be the smartest animals, dogs will soon overtake them. According to researchers, dogs showed similar intelligence levels to toddlers in communication exercises such as following a pointed finger. And although we always knew dogs were smart animals, dogs reportedly experience similar pressures to humans during evolution.

An average dog can apparently learn up to 165 words with those in the top 20% of intelligence able to learn up to 200 including gestures. Border collies, poodles and German shepherds have been named as the smartest breeds according to experts.

This means that they have superior levels of social intelligence to other animals and thrive when presented with difficult situations. Dogs behaviour towards humans is largely defined by their highly developed social skills which explains why they are our best friend. We finally know why dogs love humans as much as we love them!

The study also claims that by studying the behaviour of dogs during their evolution process, scientists can better understand human disabilities such as autism and other deficits which include social skills. At this rate it wouldn’t be hugely surprising if dogs were to surpass us as the most intelligent living beings.



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