7 of the best dogs from our favourite childhood shows

The 90s and early 2000s saw some of the best cartoons and shows to grace our tv screens. These shows, also had some of the best dogs! From Pippin to Clifford, and so many more. Does your childhood favourite pup feature in this list?

  1. Clifford

The big red dog was a childhood favourite. Created by Norman Bridewell, the show aired in the early 2000s, both in the UK and the US.


  1. Pippin

Noone can forget Pippin! The fluffy dog who used to ride on a small, spotted plane with Aunty Mabel. Pippin was played by half Tibetan terrier mixed with a bearded Collie, who retired at the end of the first series. The character was then played by her grandson, Mr Higgins. Pippin sadly died in the late 90s and Mr Higgins died in 2008.

Image source: BBC
  1. Spike

Spike, the dog of the Pickles family in the Rugrats has a special place in our hearts. His role in saving the babies from trouble and his particularly special bond with Tommy warms our hearts.


  1. Doodles

The groovy red dog with the yellow spots from the Tweenies had a game on the Gameboy Advance based around him. We think he’s probably the coolest of the Tweenies crew. What do you reckon?


  1. Blue

You might be surprised to find out that Blue, from Blue’s Clues is actually a girl! Blue’s Clues was one of the best shows from our childhood, which is why she definitely deserves a place on our list.


  1. Sweep

Sweep was the adorable grey dog with the long black ears from Sooty and Co. Speaking in squeaks and playing the saxophone, it’s impossible not to coo when you see him!


  1. Odie

The kind, naïve, and lovable dog from The Garfield Show plays the role of Garfield’s best friend and biggest victim. We often feel sorry for this poor little pup.



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