My favourite dogs in video games!

Hey Guys, it’s Colin the Corgi here!


You probably saw that video of me, telling you about my favourite dogs in video games. I would have said them all, but it was time for me to go for a walk! Who wants to miss a walk? It was the best walk ever. I met David the Dachshund, Helena the Husky and my best friend, Bob the Beagle! We played fetch, we chased each other and we tried to see who could bark the loudest…

I think i’m getting a little distracted here…

So anyway, here’s my definitive list of the best dogs in video games.

  1. Poochy

This is the dog that you’ve probably seen in a few of the Super Mario games, but you were probably wondering what creature it actually is. Poochy has no nose or ears, so he actually looks a bit like a duck. But you know that he’s a dog because he’s so loving and friendly.


2. Chop

He isn’t actually Franklin’s dog in Grand Theft Auto V but he lives with him. The cool thing about Chop is that you’ll always find him in Franklin’s house, even if you shot him 3 minutes earlier (please don’t do that, by the way). No wonder they say that dogs are loyal.

GTA5 dog chop.png

3. Dogmeat

He’s the fluffy brown dog from the Fallout series. They say that a dog is man’s best friend, and Dogmeat shows that they aren’t wrong. Dogmeat stays by your side even though the world has ended.


4. The Pomeranian

So this dog doesn’t have a name but he/she represents life itself in Tokyo Jungle. The Pomeranian completes challenges and ultimately breeds a new generation of puppies. More dogs – exactly what we need.


5. All of the Nintendogs

Remember that puppy you had on Nintendogs? You haven’t fed it since 2007, shame on you. Anyway, I think all of those dogs should get their place on this list, because you could wash them, train them, and even take them on walks!


Well, you could do that with dogs in general. Let’s just put all the dogs ever on this list. Whether they’re on video games or not. Just dogs in general. Yay dogs.


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